***without spoilers!!

At First Glance: Cover

My Rating: 5/10

Okay, so knowing that books have varying covers depending on which country they are published in, I’ll be specific – the version of this book I picked up featured the cover pictured here. I’ll be honest, I picked up this book not because of the cover. This design, 1200x630bbwhile clean-looking, is visually bland and would not normally entice me to pick it up. I’ve seen versions published in other countries and they are much more intriguing. But as I’m rating the one I personally bought, I can’t take those into consideration. What sold the book to me were the reviews and, of courses, Mr. Brown’s name and reputation as a masterful storyteller. But the cover was wanting. As with all of Brown’s works, there is no lack of highly descriptive visualizations and historic landmarks that they could have pulled from. The spiral does tie into the book, yes, but to me it’s not intriguing enough of an image to pull in a reader who had never read one of his books before.

The Meat of the Matter: Content

My Rating: 10/10

Whew, okay, with that out of the way now I can change gears. This book, as with all of Dan Brown’s other works, as clean, well written, concise, and full of twists and turns that Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 1.09.11 PMkeep the reader hungry for the next page. The man has building suspense down to a sadistic science. The story was fast pace, action packed, and lacked nothing for the interesting locations and featured artists we are used to seeing from his works. I always walk away from reading one of his books having learned something or viewed something in a new way, and ORIGINS was no exception.

Now, of course, there is no shortage of extremely controversial themes in this book. It wouldn’t be a Dan Brown book otherwise. But the ability of a reader to put aside personal bias and open their mind to the world of the characters, viewing only what the pages contain and then reflecting on it once the book is finished – well, that’s what being a reader is all about to me. I’d like to think Mr. Brown’s motive for writing these stories is to motivate and inspire people to do their own research, to see these things for themselves, learn, grow, and evolve into a more informed and grounded version of themselves.

The Good Professor: Characterization

My Rating: 10/10

Robert Langdon never ceases to amuse me. As the “hero” of the story, he is as awkwardly charming and endearingly brave as ever. He takes on a new level of depth for me in this novel, however, perhaps since there is much more emotion tied into the story for him than we are used to seeing. It made me connect with his character even more.

The rest of the cast of characters were of no less quality. The forbidden love stories, conspiracies, sympathetic villains, and hot/cold feeling for the book’s focal character – Edmond Kirsch. As we have also seen in other works in Langdon’s series, there is a strong female character who proves herself to be every bit as brave and determined as the professor himself.

I look forward to meeting Dr. Langdon again, and seeing what adventure he will take me on next.

Overall Recommendation

Dan Brown’s books are good for three things: broadening your views of the world, making you suffer a severe case of wanderlust, and keeping you on the edge of your seat. So if any of that appeals to you, then pick up any of his books the next time you are cruising for a thrilling read. There’s a reason, in spite of the bland cover, I picked up this book. If Brown’s name is on the cover, than you can bet there is a whirlwind adventure waiting inside!

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