Books Over Flowers

1 portrait

This Did Not Go As Planned

The plan was to do this shoot amidst the cherry blossoms. But life gives you lemons sometimes. While we hit Japan during the height of cherry blossom (blog post w/pics to come), there really wasn’t much of a display here in South Korea this year. Cherry blossoms are notoriously fragile and fleeting. They only last a week at most, and this year they were subjected to lots of wind and rain that cut their duration even shorter. It was just bad luck all around. But azaleas, a sunny afternoon, and a gorgeous model saved the day! Scroll down for the results.

Behind the Lens

I’m getting much more comfortable with my camera now. I used one of those reflection discs on a few of these shots, which made me feel all kinds of professional. A few more shoots and I think I will have the beginnings of a good portfolio! Someday, I’d like to do paid photography. Nothing formal, but child, teen, and family photography would be fun! Until then, practicing is a blast!!

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Camera: Canon SL1 w/50mm Lens

Model: Emily Lesh


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