More Than Kimchi: Cuisine in South Korea

For the Love of Galbi

FOOD – I love it!! That’s why I have to jog all the time. Take whatever preconceived ideas you may have of cuisine in South Korea and toss them out the window right now. I’m about to take you on a savory, delicious, succulent tour of some of my favorite dining spots in Seoul and I promise, it won’t be at all what you’re expecting.

The Best of Barbecue

My husband and I like to fancy ourselves connoisseurs of the smoker, champions of the brisket, and pros of pulled pork. From the world famous and award winning flavors found in my hometown at Big Bob Gibson’s in Alabama, to The Smoking Pig of Valdosta, Georgia, and The Branding Iron of Wichita Falls, Texas – there isn’t a place we live where we don’t make it IMG_0329our personal business to sniff out the best barbecue in the area. We came to Korea with little hope of what we might find in that department. Our discoveries? Well, those are just as deliciously unexpected as you might imagine.

Our favorite barbecue joints are miles apart, but neck and neck in flavor. First up, Linus’ Bama Style BBQ can be found tucked into the shopping district of Itaewon. I saw their sign and immediately scoffed. BAMA style? Are you kidding me? Pfft. IMG_0331What do Koreans know about Alabama’s barbecue.

… Fact is, I had to eat those words – literally. These guys don’t play. They are rocking the smoker with flavors straight out of my childhood. Believe me when I say, you’ll smell this place before you find it. It’s hidden away in an alley, off the main street. But just follow your nose. Definitely don’t pass up on the appetizers, either. Their fried pickles will knock your socks off and their pulled pork is probably the best I’ve ever had (Sorry Mr. Gibson). The portions are large enough to share, so don’t be afraid to get a platter for two. I didn’t take a single bite I didn’t love and am always looking for an excuse to go back for more. Hats off to you, Linus. You brought this country girl back home! War Eagle!


If you wanna see our second favorite BBQ joint, tune in for the next foodie post!

Got the Brunchies?

If you ever find yourself wandering Itaewon and somehow manage to make it past the smell of IMG_2834Linus’ BBQ, and have a mad craving for the best breakfast you’ve ever had in your life – look for Flying Pan Blue. I ate here as part of a spouse’s retreat (they accommodated our group of 21, which is no small feat), and was delighted to find healthy options with flavors that blew me away. And not only is their food delicious, it’s beautiful! They definitely have taken the theory of “eating with your eyes first” to heart and each plate looks like a masterpiece.

I sampled a little of everything, thanks to their generous portions and all of us being unable to finish our plates. I IMG_2832have to say, their Maple Latte is incredible. I will definitely be going back for that! I ordered the breakfast below, wanting something lighter. Fire roasted tomato, wilted spinach, two eggs and bacon cooked to perfection, over a fresh french baguette and paired with hummus. What’s not to love there? If you’re dodging gluten or dairy, fear not! They have lots of options to suit picky pallets and a stack of amazing caramelized banana french toast slices will surely please the kiddos. It’s a small joint, though, so if you do have a big group be sure to call ahead!

Hungry Yet?

If not, tune in for my next foodie blog drop! I’ll be highlighting some of our favorite dining spots in the Pyeontaek area! Till then, chow on!


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