Korea, Coffee, & Cats

Call Me the Crazy Cafe Lady

Upon moving to South Korea, I was delighted to discover that this country and I have IMG_2559something in common – we are both very much in love with coffee and cafes! But Korea offers something unique that I had never even heard of before, pairing delicious coffees with themes and . . . shall we say, a unique atmosphere? I’ve been able to visit several of these “theme cafes” and plan on visiting many more before I leave.

But so far, the Cat Cafe, has been my favorite!

The Cat’s Meow

The Cat Cafe is located across the street from the Pyeongtaek Station. It’s on the third floor of a business building, and has a very quiet, relaxing atmosphere that is well regulated by the staff. There was no ambient “pet smell” about the place, and in fact it seemed quite clean! All consideration has been taken for the resident cats to have a comfortable, calm atmosphere. The cafe has a variety of delicious beverages and snacks, and also a selection of board games for you and the kiddos to enjoy.

But, honestly, that’s not why I was there . . .

The cats were all very friendly, particularly this fluffy white persian who cruised around IMG_2560looking for pettings the entire time I was there. Many of the cats would approach the tables, curl up with the patrons, or just rub all around your legs. They were patient with my curious toddler, who is still learning to pet animals gently, and there were ample places for them to go if they wanted to get away from all their adoring fans!

On the whole, it was a great experience! We came here without our fur babies, electing to leave them in the care of trusted foster parents while we are stuck in a tiny apartment. I have never been this long without a pet of some kind, and it has been extremely hard. I’ve missed my angels so much. But getting to love on some other cats did help soothe the sadness a bit, so I’ll be back – for the coffee and the cats!


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